托福口语    TOEFL Pro forma
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Task 1
Instead of printing books in paper version, your college is going to use the online version textbooks. Can you talk about one advantage and one disadvantage of this change? 

Sample answer:
    The most remarkable advantage is that this can help students save money. Taking my city for example, the price of an e-book is far less than the price of a paper book; the price of one e-book may be one third of its paper book. Then students may save a bunch of money when buying the textbooks at the beginning of a semester.
    The disadvantage is that students might be distracted. If using the online books, students have to use an iPad or a laptop to read information. Inevitably students may transfer to seeing movies or listening to music or surfing on the Internet sometimes when using the online e-books, then their attention will be disturbed.
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Task 2
Some professors prefer to answer students’ questions at the end of the lecture, while some professors pause at different points to answer students’ questions. Which style do you think is better for learning?

Sample answer:
   I prefer that professors answer questions at the end of the lecture, because this choice is beneficial for both other students and professors.
  For other students, it is fair. In a class, student A’s questions may not be student B’s concern; student B’s uncertainty may have nothing to do with student C. Thus, pausing constantly to answer certain student’s questions might disturb others’ attention and might be unfair to other students.
  For another thing, pausing in the teaching process may pose inconvenience to teachers. Professors’ attention might be distracted by various questions, then the professor may forget his own logic or key content he is supposed to deliver. As a result, the teaching quality might be negatively influenced.
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