托福口语    TOEFL Pro forma
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Task 1
The school decided to cancel the long summer vocation. So students have to attend school all year with some short breaks during holidays. Do you agree or disagree? Please explain the reasons.

Sample answer:
Personally speaking, I really don’t think this change is a good choice; the most remarkable reason is that this may deprive myself of traveling abroad.

If having the long summer break, taking a trip to another country for half a month or even a solid month can be convenient; I don’t have to worry about the time and can have the in-depth traveling experience, such as getting to know what the local people eat every day, what the spectacular local landmarks or sceneries are, what their unique customs are and so on. If merely having the short breaks with 3 days off or 5 days off, I can’t fully experience the exotic culture.

Task 2
The best decision is made by groups or by individuals? Please give your explanations and examples.

Sample answer:
Personally speaking, some decisions are best made by group members, cause this way might be persuasive and objective.

Last summer break I had an internship in P&G company, and the sales manager planed to do a sales strategy to exploit the toothpaste market in my province; he permitted members in my group to freely express our own ideas. As a result, some guys gave their opinions on how to improve the product; some colleagues told us how to optimize the promotion; some colleagues shared the experience on how to adjust the price and so on. At last, we came to an objective and persuasive strategy and this strategy helped us have a very good sales achievement in last summer. If without the wisdom from each member, our strategy might not be so effective.
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